Mike Rodkey

Mike started with his father fern on weekend and summer learning the trade in 1976. Being Fern’s helper gave hime the basic knowledge of runnig wire, installing receptacles and switches, that by the time he graduated high school, in 1980, he was able to run most jobs, of course, with his father’s guidance. Mike started the electrical ABC appriantenceship program in Frederick and was selected by the program to represent Frederick/Hagertown area at the 1988 skill olypmics in San Francisco. in the fall of 1988, Mike took the Master Electrical exam and passed on the first attempt.

In 1993, Mike took over managing the company and now is the ower of Fern Rodkey Electric. Mike has expanded the company’s services beyond residential electrical work, to include sign installation, trenching, parking lot light maintantance and more comprehensive commercial electrical services.

Fern Rodkey

Fern started working in the business with his father, Luther in 1957. He then started his own business in 1973.

These days Fern has slowed down a bit and now finds enjoyment in maintaning his personal property. He is still available with a helpling had in any area if needed.

Jane Rodkey of Fern Rodkey Electric Inc. in Taneytown MD

Jane Rodkey

Jane has been with the company since 2000. She is the voice on the phone and the woman behind the scenes, keeping the office in order. She handles all duties needed to perform payroll, invoicing, collecting and paying the supplies bills, dealing with insurance issues and helping Mike manage the never ending paper work.

Jane has enjoyed watching her (2) daughters grow into beautiful young ladies. In her spare time, she enjoyes spending time on the boat at the river with friends and family during the summer months, gardening and relaxing with a good book.

Perry Petry

Perry started with the company in 1989 as an electrician helper having little knowledge of the trade.  He has grown with the company over the years.

Perry normally heads to the jobs site with (2) other men overseeing and working side by side with each man, leading and instructing them, to help them grown in their own knowledge of the trade. He and his team handle the large commercial and residential electrical jobs.

Without a doubt, he is a huge asset to the company, as Lead Electrician.  He works on many key job sites and has also has started meeting with customers. His duties are expanding into estimating, invoicing, and customer service. Perry loves work for Fern Rodkey Electric and is very interested in the future  of the company.

Perry and wife Kellie have raised their (2) boys into very nice young men. Perry enjoys spending his free time with family and friends on the open road, riding his harley motorcycle.

Brian Schjei

Brian been with the company since 1998. Brian works well with all employees and is always ready to lend a helping hand.  He works with Perry each day, continuing to learn the trade and improve his knowledge in the commercial and residential electrical field.

Brian enjoys time around his house, playing horseshoes and spending quiet time with his wife Tina.

Craig Zentz of Fern Rodkey Electric Inc. in Taneytown MD

Craig Zentz

Craig started with the company in 1998. He is our Electrical Maintenance Technician who works mainly with the parking lot maintenace, and sign repair and installation. Craig also takes care of the many service calls that can be handled with one man. You can find Craig doing everything from changing switches or receptacles in someone’s home to installing banners or repairing lot lights at the many shopping centers we service.

Craig enjoys hunting and working on antquie tractors with his grandson in his free time.


Steve Hoff

Steve is the man with many talents. He has been with us since 2006, serving as our all-around-can-do-and-will-do-everything-and-do-it-well guy!  He was hired to help out with the sign maintance and parking lot repair. Since, he has become our go-to-guy for trenching, auto repair, hvac, equipment servicing and repair and electrican.  Steve has become a huge asset to the company for his ability to be given any task and perform it well.

During the off-hours, Steve enjoys Kenpo and anything in the great outdoors.

Brian Rasche of Fern Rodkey Electric Inc in Taneytown MD

Brian Rasche

Brian started with the company ini 2007, joining us directly from high school. He is our main man for all service calls for our AAA Clean Burn Furnaces company. The furnace company is the busiest during the winter months, so during the off season, Brian lends a hend in trenching or any other aspect of the company.

When brian is not at work, he is usually busy helping on the family farm.

Cody Baugher

Cody is the newest member of our Fern Rodkey Electric family, joining us in 2011. Cody spends his day with Perry helping, learning to fine tune his electrical knowledge and leading when needed. Our hopes are that someday Cody will be able to be our second lead man, stepping in the same shoes as Perry.

During Cody’s down time, he enjoys hunting and all other outdoor activities.